Entry list 2017

The entry list has been updated to include all pre-entries received by Sunday 20 August.



The Love My Sport Catchment Ultra – 50km (Solo [S] and Teams [T])
(34 individuals and 3 teams)


First Name Last Name Gender Solo/Team Bus
Peter Turner male S Yes
Alistair Carr male S Yes
Allan Porter male S Yes
Raewynne Blommerde female S Yes
Keith Scholes male S Yes
Andrew Esler male S Yes
Matthew Schipper male S Yes
Gary Crilley male S Yes
Glen Withers male S Yes
Jason Reid male S Yes
Dave Byrne male S Yes
Alistair Shelton male S Yes
Shanelle Hill female S No
Roger Jones male S Yes
Tim Berry male S Yes
Melissa Franklin female S Yes
June McClintock female S Yes
John Henry male S Yes
Rob Henderson male S Yes
Scott Thompson male S Yes
Michael Morrison male S Yes
Airana Ngarewa male S Yes
Daniel Palfreyman male S No
Tim Carpenter male S Yes
Lance Gray male S Yes
Scott Wrenn male S Yes
Megan Brett female S Yes
Andrew Slack male S Yes
Alison Slack female S Yes
Graeme Calder male Tail-end Charles Yes
Chris Martin male S Yes
Tim Sutton male S Yes
Eddy Holloway male S Yes
Chris Sanson male S Yes


Team Members Gender Solo/Team Bus
Gi(b/m)son Peter Gimson & Geoff Gibson male T Yes
Running Smurfs -1 Rolf Siggaard & Sam Astwood-Maddren mixed T No
Kawhia Running Club Shona Dewson & Glenn Sexton mixed T No



The Tilt Renewables North Range Traverse – 25km (Runners [R] and Walkers [W])
(222 participants)


First Name Last Name Gender Run/Walk Bus
Cameron Burton male R Yes
Robert Biggart male R Yes
Wendy Brenkley female R Yes
Tania Rosvall female R Yes
Joan Tulett female R Yes
Katrina Kokko female R Yes
Reijo Kokko male R Yes
Lizzie Te Maro female W Yes
Sue McGhie female R Yes
Kelda Robinson female R Yes
Dominic Strogen male R Yes
Catherine Ward female R Yes
Gemma Fisher female R Yes
Adam Fisher male R Yes
Diane John female W Yes
Grant Detheridge-Davies male W Yes
Joanna Adams female W Yes
Zavana Keenam female R Yes
Robyn Lovewell female W Yes
Margaret Stuart female W Yes
Brett Garrett male R Yes
Vicky Trewern female R Yes
Andrew Marshall male W Yes
Shane Parlato male R No
Franky Spite female R Yes
Melanie MacGregor female R Yes
Rich Marshall male R Yes
Chris Kerr female R Yes
Miranda Lintott female R Yes
Moira Hardy female R Yes
Sarah Gillespie female R Yes
Brendan Worthington male R Yes
Nicole Biggs female R Yes
Sonia Williams female R Yes
Sarah Morten female R Yes
Catherine Staines female R No
Dawn Wells female R Yes
Andrew Mildenhall male R Yes
Denise Brunskill female W No
Angela Drake female R Yes
Jo Wildman female W Yes
Perry Newburn male R No
Steve Ackerman male R Yes
Sue Pegrume female R Yes
Andrew Lucss male R Yes
Karen Shaw female R Yes
Fred Schipper male R Yes
Carla Roughan female W Yes
Karen Yule female W Yes
Michelle Tomlin female R Yes
Derek Sharp male R Yes
Yvette Cottam female R Yes
Odette Shaw female R Yes
Phillippa Parker female W Yes
Guida Fourie female R Yes
Vanessa Sidney-Richmond female R Yes
Rawiri Richmond male R Yes
Rob Freeman male R Yes
Rita Onosa female R Yes
Katrina Walter female R Yes
Susan Bannister female R Yes
Simon Jowett male R Yes
Emma O’Leary female R Yes
Nick Jessen male R No
Steve Freeman male R Yes
Lesley Coppell female R Yes
Claudia Baechle female R Yes
Gareth Wright male R Yes
Kylie Gibson female W Yes
Dianne Bailey female W Yes
Ken Laurie male R Yes
Andrew Feely male R Yes
Alice Bates female R Yes
Greg Bates male R Yes
Annie Jerling female R Yes
Denis Owen male R Yes
Brendyn Shaw male R Yes
Terry Morris male R Yes
Toby Morland male R No
Martin Minnee male R Yes
Wilma Minnee female R Yes
Richard Hopkins male R Yes
Frankie Lowe female W Yes
Terry Lowe male W Yes
Jenni Kearins female R Yes
Lee-Anne Hannan female R Yes
Pam Menzies female W Yes
Orla Pettman female R Yes
Maree Pritchard female W Yes
Darryl Pritchard male W Yes
Anna Skinner female R Yes
Cheryl Sturm female R Yes
David Cushing male W No
Sarah Keast female W Yes
Lisa Tonkin female R Yes
Callum Skeet male R No
Chris Pelosi male R Yes
Peter Wenborn male R Yes
Raphael Thiery male R Yes
Andreas Schulz male R Yes
Joanne Udy female W Yes
Mike Parr male R Yes
Angela Webber female W Yes
Ethan Webber male R Yes
Zane Webber male W Yes
Maddison O’Leary female W Yes
Nicole Chandler female R Yes
Ian Funnell male R No
Rhett Emery male R No
Ailsa Rollinson female R Yes
Vivienne Hawken female W Yes
Kirstine Hintz female R Yes
Maree Goodall female W Yes
Kelly Andrews female W Yes
Maxwell Thompson male R Yes
Sam Drummond male R No
Liz Paton female R Yes
Lloyd Millar male R Yes
Matthieu Vignes male R Yes
Rebecca van der Vegt female R Yes
Darren Jaggard male R Yes
Kunaal Rajpal male R Yes
Amie Simpson female R Yes
Kevin Street male R Yes
Debbie Lardner female R Yes
Helena Boston female R Yes
Lana Sklenars female R Yes
Gisella Sklenars female R Yes
Sharon Gilpin female W Yes
Rose Scheyvens female W Yes
Emma Boyack female W Yes
Kate Boyack female W Yes
Kim McDermott female W Yes
Wayne McDermott male W Yes
Gaylene Nankivell female W Yes
Nicole Patterson female W Yes
Alistair Love male W Yes
Kathy Love female W Yes
Derek Tankersley male W Yes
Emma Crum female R Yes
Martin Harris male R Yes
Sheryl Williams female W Yes
Catriona Pirie female R Yes
Craig Wills male R Yes
Mandy Russell female R Yes
Sandra Eggleton female R Yes
Josh Eggleton male R Yes
Mark Olsen male R Yes
AJ Cornwall male R No
Louise Kerwin female R Yes
Melissa van Leeuwen female R Yes
Clinton Zirk male R Yes
Paul O’Keefe male R Yes
Daisuke Ito male R Yes
Rowan Setter male R Yes
Betty Keng female R Yes
Mark Alderson male R Yes
Wendy Teekman female R Yes
Chris Pedley male R Yes
Karen Vaughan female W Yes
Ashleigh Henderson female W Yes
Bernadette Heaphy female W Yes
Jenny McCarthy female W Yes
Tania Garrett female W Yes
Niki Gunning female W Yes
Gillian White female W Yes
Emma Gilbertson female W Yes
Daniel Goymer male R Yes
Ewen Campbell male R Yes
Julie Millar female R Yes
Geoff Watson male R Yes
Jon Hart male R Yes
Grant Abernethy male R No
Graeme Gichard male R Yes
Garry Grayson male R Yes
Melanie Carr female W Yes
Kim Ludwig female W Yes
Brent O’Neill male R No
Robbie Saker male R Yes
Debra Arnold female R Yes
Rowan Dicks male R Yes
Jane Humphrey female R Yes
Lisa Cherrington female R Yes
Paul Lochead male R Yes
Nadine Huitema female R No
Clancy Lyon female R No
Michelle Brannigan female R Yes
Bianca Caske female R Yes
Emily Pipe female R Yes
Lee Simons male R Yes
Christina Tawhara-Wilson female R Yes
Donald Stratton male R Yes
Ron Thompson male R Yes
David Chard male R Yes
Nick Rate male R No
Lawrie Cairns male R Yes
Rawiri Shedlock male R Yes
Scott Simpson male W Yes
Jennifer Hamilton female W Yes
Hullena Atkinson female W Yes
Cedric Murphy male R Yes
Martyn Reynolds male R Yes
David Moir male R Yes
Sean Willis male R Yes
Maureen West female R Yes
Annie Hawkes female R Yes
Shane Smyth male R Yes
Daniel Lewis male R Yes
Brenda McGregor female R Yes
David Allen male R Yes
Jackie Welsh female W Yes
Wendy Cottrell-Teahan female R No
Jan-Maree Brown female R Yes
Ann Bondy female R Yes
Melissa Thorne female R Yes
Sarah McLeod female R Yes
Hannah Brown female R Yes
Nathan Keenan male R Yes
Renee Bellamy female R Yes
Craig Kenny male R Yes
Michael Crisford male R Yes
Sharon Pack female R Yes



The Salming Hall Block Humdinger – 12.5km (Runners [R] and Walkers [W])
(127 participants)


First Name Last Name Gender Run/Walk
Louise Strogen female R
Acacia Newell female R
Anne Tunnicliffe female R
Brent Hussey male R
Yunene Dawson female R
Cherie Fredericksen female W
Kylie Stevens female R
Keisa Roache female W
Margaret Scholes female W
Chris Vaughan male R
Kirsty Hull female W
Kirstie Lake female W
Kerry Bently female W
Johnnie Foss male W
Meg Blatchford female R
Sarah Taylor female W
David Fredricksen male W
Kate Webb female R
Anna Williams female R
Gina Symes female W
Annabel Symes female R
Michelle Kinniard female W
Debbie Jacques female W
Bittina Clarke female W
Letitia Reilly female R
Kat Barter female R
Hollie Groombridge female R
Harris Hamilton male R
Marian Anderson female R
Linda Lowe female R
Kelly Roberts female R
Jodie Jones female R
Susan Speirs female R
Vanessa Stringer female R
Teresa Drummond female W
Tessa Grigg female W
Gail Hussey female W
Samantha Hussey female W
Matt Prideaux male R
Roma Prideaux female R
Mark Hudson male R
Sarah Hopkinson female R
Michelle Pratt female R
Dora Luo female W
Dean Robertson male W
Michelle McGrath female R
Harsh Maurya male R
Tina Clarke female W
Georgi Clarke female W
Gary Clarke male W
Raphael Burgess male R
Joshua Puts male R
Brian Puddick male R
Pam Marks female W
Joy Hetherington female W
Jackson Hesp male W
Keleigh Limmer female W
Kelly Pfeiffer-Marshall female W
Annelies Moore female W
Shar Hirst female W
Nicolette Just female W
Amanda Hodge female W
Seanna Woodgyer female W
Evangelene Craig female R
Guilhem Morra male R
Loren Byrne female R
Marc Hermann male R
Ellen Van Looy female R
Sarah Stephens female R
Josh Zentveld male R
Lynley Ruck female R
Tony Jury male R
Justine Jensen female W
Luisa Wilson female W
Bill Charnock male W
Lorna Maurer female W
Kevin Maurer male W
Karen Gibbons female W
Kerry Anderson female W
Saffron Drylie female W
Kirk Prior male R
Michelle van Looy female R
Nina Brock female R
Pauline Giles female W
Phil Giles male W
Naveed Dean male W
Nadiyah Dean female W
Sarah-Jane Bell female W
Teri Lauder female W
Lydia Fraser female W
Hannah Colliver female R
Paul Colliver male R
Justin Jessett male R
Lisa Cleveland female R
Ross Rainham male R
Hasfazilah Hamdan female R
Aidan Cossar male R
Wayne Adam male R
Richard Berber male R
Mahalee Guieysse female R
Seton McKinnon male R
Nadine McKinnon female R
Jo Hennrie female R
Kathleen Murphy female R
Ja Hyeong Lee male W
Ock Hie Kim female W
Laura Medhurst female W
Bronwyn Sollitt female W
Woody Lee male W
Jo Lee female W
Amanda Bint female W
Joaquin Taylor-Maclean male R
Jaimee Leader female R
Steve Hirschberg male R
Asrih Arif male R
James Carr male R
Charlotte Wall female R
Avril Carlsson female R
Paul Reed male R
Amie Parker female R
Ra Durie male R
Leanne Parker female R
Adrian Macquet male R
Rosie Christensen female R
Keenan Buchanan male R
Hilary Webb female W
Kelly Takurua female W