Entry list 2018

The entry list has been updated to include all entries received by Sunday 19 August 2018.

The Catchment Ultra – 50km

First Name Last Name Gender Age Categories Bus
Wendy Brenkley Female Master (50-59) Yes
Dave Byrne Male Open (18-39) Yes
Tony Field Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Michael Morrison Male Open (18-39) Yes
Andrew Lucas Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Karl Woodhead Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Cailey Mills Female Open (18-39) Yes
Jamie Gillies Male Open (18-39) Yes
Kaiwae Scholes Male Grandmaster (60-69) Yes
Emma Sutich Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Karen Phillips Female Master (50-59) Yes
Rodney Sutton Male Master (50-59) No
Alistair Carr Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Rohan Malhotra Male Open (18-39) Yes
Trevor Collins Male Master (50-59) Yes
Todd Woods Male Open (18-39) Yes
Scott Thompson Male Master (50-59) Yes
Maree Sandbrook Female Open (18-39) Yes
Mike Parr Male Open (18-39) Yes
Scott Wrenn Male Open (18-39) Yes
Chris Evans Male Open (18-39) Yes
Harry Kidby Male Open (18-39) Yes
Kim Martyn Female Open (18-39) No
Linn Eriksson Female Open (18-39) Yes
Josh Harris Male Open (18-39) Yes
Nicholas Dominick Male Open (18-39) Yes
Caroline O’neill Female Master (50-59) Yes
Tim Carpenter Male Open (18-39) Yes
Kevin Fink Male Open (18-39) Yes
Shanelle Hill Female Open (18-39) No
Gavin Lambert Male Master (50-59) Yes
Kali Kahn Female Open (18-39) Yes
Perry Newburn Male Grandmaster (60-69) Yes
Rob Henderson Male Legend (70+) Yes
Luis Bahamonde Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Elliot Cree Male Open (18-39) Yes
Nicola Ayson Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Benjamin Cornelius Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Andrew Slack Male Master (50-59) Yes
Alison Slack Female Master (50-59) Yes
Derek Cox Male Veteran (40-49) No
Kunaal Rajpal Male Open (18-39) Yes
Bradley Houghton Male Open (18-39) Yes
Cate Shave Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Nick Johnston Male Open (18-39) Yes
Mark Holtom Male Open (18-39) Yes
Brian Watson Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Jason Larkin Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Sarah Fisher Female Open (18-39) Yes


The Tilt Renewables North Range Traverse – 25km

First Name Last Name Gender Age Categories Bus
Lewis Marama Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Zavana Keenam Female Open (18-39) No
Keith Millar Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
David Moir Male Master (50-59) Yes
Rob Freeman Male Open (18-39) No
Helen Jones Female Open (18-39) Yes
Harris Hamilton Male Open (18-39) Yes
Hollie Hamilton Female Open (18-39) Yes
Jane Warnock Female Master (50-59) Yes
Terry Grant Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Sue Pegrume Female Master (50-59) Yes
Pip Parker Female Open (18-39) Yes
Sheryl Bayliss Female Master (50-59) Yes
Mark Hudson Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Joanna Pearce Female Open (18-39) Yes
Michelle Tomlin Female Open (18-39) Yes
Kevin Palmer Male Master (50-59) No
Frances Spite Female Master (50-59) Yes
Tahlia Hopkins Female Open (18-39) Yes
Melanie Macgregor Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Stephen Mills Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Kate Boyack Female Open (18-39) Yes
Brendon Norling Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Mark Morgan Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Nick Jessen Male Open (18-39) No
Norman Van Greevenbroek Male Open (18-39) Yes
Matt Burton Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Shar Hirst Female Open (18-39) Yes
Jenny Davidson Female Open (18-39) Yes
Tania Rosvall Female Open (18-39) No
Chris Kerr Female Master (50-59) Yes
Sarah Jol Female Open (18-39) Yes
Brendan Jol Male Open (18-39) Yes
Damian Trewern Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Liz Newton Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Miranda Lintott Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Rebecca Van Der Vegt Female Master (50-59) Yes
Barbara Comeskey Female Master (50-59) Yes
Leigh Finlayson Female Master (50-59) Yes
George Morrison Female Open (18-39) Yes
Rich Marshall Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Tania Garrett Female Master (50-59) Yes
Shane Parlato Male Veteran (40-49) No
Kevin Street Male Legend (70+) Yes
Cath Staines Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Emma Abraham Female Open (18-39) Yes
Ewen Campbell Male Open (18-39) No
Gillian White Female Master (50-59) Yes
Shirley Fotheringham Female Master (50-59) Yes
Nicole Brunt Female Open (18-39) Yes
Kelda Robinson Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Jacki Ramson Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Dawn Wells Female Master (50-59) Yes
Jennifer Sweny Female Open (18-39) Yes
Jackie Welsh Female Master (50-59) Yes
Richard Marks Male Open (18-39) Yes
Chris Wilson Female Master (50-59) Yes
Ann Bondy Female Grandmaster (60-69) Yes
Rachel Burgess Female Open (18-39) Yes
Ford Burgess Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Chris Smith Male Master (50-59) Yes
Karen Iversen Female Open (18-39) Yes
Lynette Singleton Female Open (18-39) Yes
Julie Millar Female Open (18-39) Yes
Kelly Andrews Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Andrew Black Male Master (50-59) Yes
Jason Pilkington Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Ali Martin Female Open (18-39) No
Kim Catt Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Nicole Patterson Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Ross Canpbell Male Grandmaster (60-69) Yes
Chris Mackie Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Karen Yule Female Grandmaster (60-69) Yes
James Carr Male Junior (Under 18) Yes
Martin Harris Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Viv Storrier Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Nicole Bush Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Joe Dowman Male Open (18-39) Yes
Harriet Fuller Female Open (18-39) Yes
Emma Gilbertson Female Open (18-39) Yes
Bryan Ousey Male Open (18-39) Yes
Kelly Carter Female Open (18-39) Yes
Andrea Sumner Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Alexis Bahamonde Male Junior (Under 18) Yes
Rawiri Richmond Male Master (50-59) Yes
Vernon Preston Male Master (50-59) Yes
Stacey Hendriks Female Open (18-39) Yes
Denis Mccarthy Male Open (18-39) Yes
Hullena Atkinson Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Brent Hussey Male Master (50-59) Yes
Gail Hussey Female Master (50-59) Yes
Jane Richardson Female Master (50-59) Yes
Caroline Hill Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Anthony Ratima Male Open (18-39) No
Jo Speary Female Grandmaster (60-69) Yes
Shayna Henry Female Open (18-39) Yes
Jerry Brockhouse Male Legend (70+) Yes
Margaret Brockhouse Female Legend (70+) Yes
Alison Hanegraaf Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Kate Baker Female Open (18-39) Yes
Alistair Love Male Open (18-39) Yes
Richard Hopkins Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Ashleigh Henderson Female Open (18-39) Yes
Shane Soulsby Male Open (18-39) Yes
Caitlin Ross Female Open (18-39) Yes
Robert Dabb Male Master (50-59) Yes
Peter Turner Male Master (50-59) Yes
Paul Hermann Male Open (18-39) Yes
Ryan Willoughby Male Open (18-39) No
Yuri Van Den Bongard Male Open (18-39) Yes
Mark Olsen Male Open (18-39) Yes
Ebony Hewlett Female Open (18-39) Yes
Nicole Ranger Female Open (18-39) Yes
Matt Davies Male Open (18-39) Yes
Jack Mckenzie Male Master (50-59) Yes
Claudia Baechle Female Master (50-59) Yes
Ben Flintoff Male Open (18-39) Yes
Chelsea Fletcher Female Open (18-39) Yes
Gordon Love Male Open (18-39) Yes
Cheryl Sturm Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Katarzyna Love Female Open (18-39) Yes
Tim Coleman Male Open (18-39) Yes
Ali Gordon Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
John Gordon Male Master (50-59) Yes
Amy Collis Female Open (18-39) Yes
Bevan Sparks Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Lawrie Cairns Male Legend (70+) Yes
Stu Maclean Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Hannah Brown Female Open (18-39) Yes
Bronwyn Mckinnon Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Bridget Francis Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
John Gray Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Hannah Evans Female Junior (Under 18) Yes
David Chard Male Master (50-59) Yes
Norman Cooper Male Legend (70+) Yes
Brenda Farley Female Master (50-59) Yes
Brett Turia Male Master (50-59) Yes
Gabor Szikszai Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Elspeth Knewstubb Female Open (18-39) Yes
Jimmy Arnold Male Open (18-39) Yes
Leesa Palmer Female Open (18-39) Yes
Kate Anderson Female Open (18-39) Yes
Peter Wenborn Male Master (50-59) Yes
Jan-Maree Brown Female Grandmaster (60-69) Yes
Terry Lowe Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Frankie Lowe Female Junior (Under 18) Yes
Rosi Zeiske Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
David Jackson Male Open (18-39) Yes
Liz Paton Female Master (50-59) Yes
Gail Appleton Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Lizzie Te Maro Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Sheryl Thomson Female Master (50-59) Yes
Karen Shaw Female Master (50-59) Yes
Fred Schipper Male Master (50-59) Yes
Julie Macdonald Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Graham Emsley Male Master (50-59) Yes
Liz Porter Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Sandie Johansen Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
Leanne Parker Female Open (18-39) Yes
Amie Parker Female Open (18-39) Yes
Ed Jackson Male Veteran (40-49) No
Lars Winther Male Open (18-39) No
Jan Esquilant Female Master (50-59) Yes
Graeme Butcher Male Master (50-59) Yes
Don Stratton Male Grandmaster (60-69) Yes
Malcolm Jackson Male Veteran (40-49) No
Brenda Mcgregor Female Open (18-39) Yes
Sonia Williams Female Open (18-39) Yes
C J Roberts Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Phil Knutson Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Marc Herrmann Male Open (18-39) Yes
Leanne Porritt Female Veteran (40-49) Yes
John Hartevelt Male Open (18-39) No
Jason Brown Male Veteran (40-49) Yes
Geoff Ferry Male Open (18-39) Yes
Paul Jurgeleit Male Grandmaster (60-69) Yes
Joanna Rose Female Open (18-39) Yes
Jamie White Male Open (18-39) Yes


The Tararua District Hall Block Humdinger – 12.5km

First Name Last Name Gender Age Categories
Debbie Donald Female Open (18-39)
Alex King Male Junior (Under 18)
Quinten King Male Master (50-59)
Rebecca Warnock Female Open (18-39)
Tony Jury Male Master (50-59)
Wendy Watts Female Master (50-59)
Deanne Corney Female Veteran (40-49)
Allan Corney Male Veteran (40-49)
Marian Anderson Female Veteran (40-49)
Lisa Robinson Female Open (18-39)
Kelly Roberts Female Veteran (40-49)
Kirsty Hull Female Master (50-59)
Kirsten Van Greevenbroek Female Open (18-39)
Michael Foulston Male Legend (70+)
Henriette Roodt Female Master (50-59)
Anthony Hawkins Male Veteran (40-49)
Piers Chamberlain Male Veteran (40-49)
Jessie Hulena Female Open (18-39)
Shane Hulena Male Open (18-39)
Keith Rainham Male Grandmaster (60-69)
Emma Martindale Female Veteran (40-49)
Bill Charnock Male Master (50-59)
Kerry Bentley-Hewitt Female Open (18-39)
Aymee Blight Female Junior (Under 18)
Charlotte Blight Female Junior (Under 18)
Johnnie Foss Male Open (18-39)
Connor Thwaites Male Junior (Under 18)
Kate Southern Female Open (18-39)
Dave Miles Male Veteran (40-49)
Jayne Darbyshire Female Open (18-39)
Anne Tunnicliffe Female Master (50-59)
Rachel Maher Female Open (18-39)
Jackie Houia Female Veteran (40-49)
Renae Turley Female Open (18-39)
Karen Gibbons Female Master (50-59)
Lyneve Ryland Female Master (50-59)
Geoff Ryland Male Grandmaster (60-69)
Megan Hammond Female Open (18-39)
Cathy Scheepers Female Veteran (40-49)
Shannon Hawe Female Open (18-39)
Caprice Hammond Female Junior (Under 18)
Netta Rousell Female Open (18-39)
Adie Cunningham Female Open (18-39)
Cherie Fredricksen Female Master (50-59)
Annalise Phillipson Female Open (18-39)
Andrew Sinclair Male Open (18-39)
Paul Shoemark Male Open (18-39)
Richard Berber Male Veteran (40-49)
Melissa Westwood Female Open (18-39)
Liz Ricketts Female Veteran (40-49)
Douglas Collis Male Open (18-39)
Maree Pritchard Female Veteran (40-49)
Darryl Pritchard Male Master (50-59)
Nick Hawke Male Open (18-39)
Barend Van Der Poll Male Master (50-59)
Yavanna Den Harder Female Open (18-39)
Heather Yalden Female Master (50-59)
Sarah Stephens Female Master (50-59)
Christine Luff Female Master (50-59)
Neville Muldrock Male Master (50-59)
Donns Martin Female Veteran (40-49)
Rachel O’grady Female Open (18-39)
Holly Ryan Female Open (18-39)
Keisuke Daikoku Male Grandmaster (60-69)
Joanna Jackson Female Veteran (40-49)
Rena Mehrtens Female Open (18-39)
James Morgan-Watt Male Open (18-39)
Bronwyn Sollitt Female Master (50-59)
Dianne Bailey Female Grandmaster (60-69)
Pete Homburg Male Open (18-39)
Mark Stantiall Male Open (18-39)
Patrick Larkin Male Junior (Under 18)
Philip Larkin Male Junior (Under 18)
Gautier Sesmat Male Open (18-39)
Veronica Culling Female Open (18-39)